Jenny Loftes, MBA, D.Ad.Art, A.Mus.A, FAIOP

Managing Director, Studio J Production Consultants


Business Management Consultant, Marketing, PR and Branding Expert.

Entrpreneur, Management Finance Advisor, IT Consultant,

Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, Author and Educator


“Entrepreneurs must be disruptors as well as street-smart business marketers. The internet levels the playing field


From the early days of TV in Australia to a journalist, filming around the world for Reuters, BBC, TF1 in Paris, and Universal Studios, Jenny has been at the cutting edge of marketing, graphic design, advertising, film and video production.


With a lifetime of experience, a Degree in Advertising Art, with a Degree in Music as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), she honed her skills in the fast paced world of movies, news footage, on-air presenting, TV commercials, entertainment, international marketing and business development.


As a Senior University lecturer who wrote the Photography Degree course at University of South Australia, she aims to effectively inform, persuade, coach, and inspire.




Ian del Carmen, CeMC, CIM

CEO: CXoftware Technologies Inc., 

CEO:Grindhouse, Inc., 

iConnect International, Consultant,

Founder, CEO: Fireball Group of Companies,

Internet Marketing Consultant: Bounty Fresh Group of Companies,

Writer/Director : ABS-CBN Corporation


"The Internet is a Window of Opportunity. It is Up to You to Open It." 

Ian del Carmen, bestselling author of "Rags to Dot Com Riches”


Ian Del Carmen is a young Internet marketer who became a millionaire at age 28.

He is an Internet marketing consultant and creator of digital products such as Ebooks, software, marketing tutorials and a Membership site.


He teaches Internet marketing during live seminars and workshops and has a client base of over 70,000 worldwide.




Jenny Loftes